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New site!

Indeed, you may have noticed we’re now at rather than the trusty old or my former company site  Perhaps you were automatically redirected here when trying to get to the old site.

Whatever the case, welcome to our new home!

Why, you may ask? Fair question! There are actually several reasons for this change:

  • The .se did not match the international character of the site anymore
  • The plusservices URL  was actually an old company account (that was never used for my company)
  • The name of the site had no real relation to its content
  • The website of my old company PvD Consultancy AB was finally mothballed

Anyway, from wherever you came: welcome here! I hope you’ll like it as much here as you did the old site – or perhaps even better!

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Sweden, NATO and democracy

Let’s start with democracy:

According to Wikipedia, one of the key elements of democracy is ‘…day-to-day decision making of democracies is the majority rule…’. Another article, this time from an Oxford dictionary, mentions a democracy to be ‘…a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives…’. Continue reading →

Graham’s number

In the 2nd or 3rd grade of my catholic primary school our teacher spoke of stuff like ‘God’
and ‘Heaven’.
“People live in Heaven after their death,” she told us. “All eternity.”
Nobody knew what eternity was, so she had to explain.
“Eternity,” she said, “never ends. “The years go on forever.”
Apparently she saw her pupils struggling with this concept and that made her tell us a
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