Paperback weekend!

This weekend I’ll be publishing all my four books on amazon in paperback format. Until now, I had my ebooks on amazon (Kindle) and my paperbacks on This last webshop turned out to be quite expensive for readers outside of the Netherlands, myself included, that had to face excessive shipping costs up to €25. With amazon, I hope y’all at least get better shipping costs as the books can be printed on demand more locally.

In order to have the books published as paperback on amazon, a number of adjustments have to be made to the manuscript and the cover. My chosen format for the paperback is 5x8inch, which implies resizing the manuscript content, checking page breaks, and adjusting fonts and sizes, … In short, everything has to be reformatted. This takes me about three hours for each title, but the first one a little longer.

I had already ordered author’s copies in advance so I would know what needed to be adjusted. Browsing these, I listed all things I was unhappy with and changed these in the manuscript, the cover or the book specifications. After that, it’s a matter of pressing the button marked ‘Publish you book’ and waiting for the book to be accepted by the review done by amazon on any newly published book.

Here’s the result so far (Sunday):

And of course you can find info on all my books here.

Happy reading!



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