New book on the way

Just letting you know that I’ve got a new book in the making. The preliminary title is:

The Fifth

The 5th, now what could that be? Here are some ideas:

  • The fifth commandment? (‘Honor thy father and thy mother…’)
  • A mysterious fifth person?
  • The fifth sense? (smell)
  • The fifth dimension? (allegedly taken from my blogging mate’s post  Graham’s number)

Let me put you on the right track. The preliminary cover page is:

…and may give you a hint on the subject.

If you managed a lucky or perhaps a more educated guess that the book centers around the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution, then you are correct. In popular culture, it is better known as ‘I’ll take the fifth’ in US jury trials, but in reality, there’s more to it. As usual, I’ll try and concoct a plot aiming to keep you longing for the next page.

Yes, it is in English – again! But perhaps I may attempt another translation to Dutch, my native language. But only if there’s a demand for it.

When ready, the book will become available in paperback format and as an e-book…unless a publishing company decides to take on this book for traditional publishing. That would entail the book becoming available in your favorite bookshop around the corner and in your local library. For now, I’m waiting for offers to roll in… 🙂

I do hope to finish this book in weeks. But in reality, this will certainly be a few months. A realistic aim is to release the book during the summer – perhaps just in time for your summer holidays!


…As had been her habit on Wednesdays for as long as anyone could remember, Miss Ethel drove her truck to Red Oak, Arkansas, parked in front of MacGormick’s, and ten minutes later loaded a week’s load of shopping bags on the bed of her truck. After that, she fueled up at the pump of the Ford dealership and drove straight home – just like any other Wednesday. With the sole difference that this time would be the last time anyone would see Miss Ethel alive. The staff at the grocery shop would later declare she was her usual self and, as always, in good spirits…

I’ll keep you posted!

Paul, 2024-03

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