2CV Art

Prior to art:

According to some, driving and maintaining a 2CV automobile is a way of life. According to others, it is an art. Whatever the case may be for you, when a 2CV has outserved its technical lifespan and needs to be taken out of traffic, the automobile is not done and ready for the scrapyard yet. Obviously, many parts of it can be recycled for a second chance on life in similar cars. Some can be refurbished, others can be deployed as they are. Once all usable parts have been repurposed, there’s a pile of parts left that no one asked for. As a rule, one of two things will happen with these parts:

  • They will be scrapped for old metal
  • They will be put in storage for possible later use

If the second point became reality and the parts cannot be re-used for a while, they will still be scrapped. The scrapping is final: after that the parts will never be available again.

To avoid the scrapping, one could consider using the obsolete parts in an alternative manner. One of the more attractive repurposing ways is to create art of usable objects from them.

The 2CV parts:

An elderly gentleman, let’s call him Göran – an avid and well-known 2CV enthusiast, saved up all usable parts during his many decades-long 2CV career. When he, due to reaching senior age, no longer could take care of his cars and his extensive parts collection, the sensible thing was done: fellow 2CV enthusiasts could come and bid on things of their liking. When I finally arrived, I was very happy to hear that most of the parts had already found new owners and all that remained was a smaller set of parts, engines, gearboxes, and various other parts – many quite obsolete. Also, a selection of 2CV and Dyane doors was left untouched.

The 2CV art:

Later this year, we will provide a limited number of 2CV parts that have been transformed into art. Well, let’s stick to 2CV art as I am not a visual artist normally, I usually stick to writing my books.

The objects to be transformed into art are a number of 2CV doors. Two different designs will be offered:

  • 2CV coffee tables
  • Framed 2CV front or rear doors

Notably, the 2CV doors used for the 2CV art project will not be repainted and polished to look like new. They may even be slightly rusty in some spots. But remember, that’s the whole charm! Instead they will be left as they were found in the shed and merely be transformed into the arty objects of choice. Also, there’s a limited number of doors available: when the last 2CV door art piece is sold, the project is over and done.

And, as a bonus: these doors will now not be scrapped but repurposed into 2CV art!


Notably, the doors will not be visibly modified to become art. So, should the need arise, the doors can be returned to regular door-service!
In short: no 2CV doors will be harmed in any way while creating 2CV art!


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