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Here’s some information about the books I’ve authored. To date I have published the following books as paperback, as ebook, and even one as audiobook:

Een van mijn boeken komt binnenkort uit in het Nederlands:

  • De Grote Dag – Een deadline thriller (Nederlandse vertaling van ‘The Big Day‘)

All my books/al mijn boeken:

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Here’s a short description of each:

THE DEEP – An ecological thriller

Retired Army engineer Lars constructs a destructive device to test an idea and prove a point. The test is successful, and the project is archived while he starts working on his next project. When his device and all of its designs get stolen, he suspects local kids and thinks nothing of it.

Emily from Germany and Swedish Niels are a well-educated environmental activist couple. They have recently returned from a project on saving ocean mammals on the other side of the globe. Together, they have the skill set required to assist in helping to enforce the stipulations of the Paris Agreement.

Their assumed to be untouchable opponents are the russian state (the small r is intentional) and its multi-billion-dollar gas industry, including the Nord Stream gas pipelines to the EU and Gazprom operating them.

They devise a serious threat, execute it exceptionally well, and play their cards to perfection. In the process, they virtually bring the largest European supplier of natural gas to its knees. Eventually, the deployment of their threat brings peaceful Sweden close to war with what has every appearance of a brief russian invasion of the island of Gotland, perhaps by the infamous Wagner group.

This international plot develops in arctic Sweden, Stockholm, the island of Gotland, St Petersburg, and Brussels.

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THE BIG DAY – A deadline thriller

In this short story, we follow Mac, a retired Army man from Scotland who now runs a farm in the Arctic part of Sweden. But he still runs his own business on the side, an international service in making wishes come true. This totally anonymous business is a lucrative one but the wishes he fulfills are of a deadly nature.

One day, Mac is approached on his dark web website with a request that would make a wish come true for tenths of parents of murdered children. Accepting the request will also solve a decades-long dilemma for the Norwegian government and Norwegian society.

While as a rule always working alone, this unusual request poses impossible difficulties for Mac. He is about to reject the request. But then inside help is offered. Can the informant be trusted? How good is his or her information? Can Mac accept the request? If so, should he accept?

With Mac’s business conducted in total anonymity, what is the catch? Will Mac be able to do what he is asked to do?

Follow Mac’s trail to perhaps an unexpected conclusion.

Author’s comment:
As with all my other books, this book was initially published as an ebook and paperback. Since 2023-04 ‘The Big Day‘ is also available as an Audiobook.
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In het Nederlands:

Mijn boek ‘The Big Day‘ is nu ook beschikbaar in een Nederlansdse vertaling onder de titel ‘De Grote Dag‘. Lees hier meer over de Nederlandse vertaling.

In dit korte verhaal volgen we Mac, een legerveteraan uit Schotland. Mac runt tegenwoordig een farm in arctisch Zweden maar heeft daarnaast extra inkomsten uit zijn internationale service die wensen laat uitkomen. Deze volledig anonieme activiteit is weliswaar lucratief, maar de wensen die hij vervuld zijn van dodelijke aard.

Op een dag wordt Mac op zijn dark web website benaderd met de vraag of hij een wens voor tientallen ouders van vermoorde kinderen kan laten uitkomen. Als hij de opdracht aanneemt lost hij daarmee tevens een decennia oud dilemma voor de Noorse regering en het Noorse volk op.

Terwijl hij als regel alleen werkt, lijkt dit verzoek onoplosbare problemen op te leveren voor Mac. Hij overweegt daarom de opdracht te weigeren. Maar dan wordt hem insider hulp aangeboden. Kan hij de informant vertrouwen? Hoe betrouwbaar is de informatie die hij krijgt? Kan Mac de opdracht nu wel aannemen? En zou hij de opdracht eigenlijk wel moeten aannemen?

Met Mac’s activiteiten geheel anoniem, is dit een valstrik? Is het mogelijk voor Mac om te doen wat hem gevraagd wordt?

Volg in Mac’s voetspoor naar een wellicht onverwacht slot.

Lees meer  hier.

NUREMBERG – A post-war mystery

In the final months of the Second World War, one of the highest officers in the German army is assassinated by the German resistance in an attempt to speed up the outcome of the war. Months later, when the war is finally over, German resistance groups lay down their arms to return to regular life, and rebuild their country and their future. With that, assassinations cease – or do they?

In the Bavarian city of Nuremberg, one group continues their resistance. Only now their efforts are aimed at coward war criminals that managed to escape punishment after the war. Their lethal activities against former Wehrmacht and SS officers go undetected for decades. But only until rookie journalist and historian Jutta Grünebaum picks up their trail. Her investigations lead her to German and Dutch archives and historical war and memorial sites and events in several countries.

Simultaneously, high officers within the Bundes Polizei department Nuremberg start investigating a series of untimely and suspicious deaths amongst their own ranks. Accidents, suicides, or is there a more grim scenario going on?

Will the resistance men be apprehended by the police? Will Jutta be able to identify them? Will the truth come out?

Follow Jutta on her quest for the truth and for justice.

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Happy reading!

About the author:

Paul van Doorn is a Dutch national living in the Swedish countryside since 1997 with his wife and two children. After collecting and reading books for decades, writing one seemed like a logical next step at the time… But, with writing merely a hobby, Paul promised to keep his daytime job within IT! Paul spent the last 30+ years as an application developer in various industries. Other hobbies are anything bike or car tech, sailing, and making music.

Paul’s first book, ‘Nuremberg – A post-war mystery’, was his first attempt at writing a novel. Two more, ‘The Deep’ and ‘The Big Day’ (descriptions and links above) have been published since. Two more books are in the pipeline, another in English and my first in the dutch language.

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With three books published, today four, even I dare to brag ever so slightly:

My three books (four today) and the laptop they were written on, a 2008 Lenovo.

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