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Det Svenska valet – 3

Det är inte ett bra tecken om jag ser anledning att publicera än en artikel om det svenska valsystemet, denna gången med löpnummer 3. Se tidigare artiklar kring samma ämne här och här, och mer nyligen här.

Några veckor efter det senaste EU val, bestämde SVT sig för att kolla hur bra det fungerade på en skala från 0 till 1, läs SVT’s inslag här. SVT tittade inte på hur själva valet genomförs, vilket jag själv har synpunkter på, men de kollade om det fanns avvikelser i själva rösträkningen – ett ännu viktigare del av valet. I all enkelhet påstår jag att om det finns avvikelser i rösträkningen så är dessa resultatet av hur valet och rösträkningen genomförs. I ett demokratiskt val påstår jag att avvikelser inte får förekomma.

Några av slutsatser som SVT drar efter granskningen:

  • …sprickor i systemet…
  • …i nästan hälften av de granskade distrikten går inte siffrorna ihop…
  • …riskerar att skada förtroendet för valsystemet…

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New book on the way

Just letting you know that I’ve got a new book in the making. The preliminary title is:

The Fifth

The 5th, now what could that be? Here are some ideas:

  • The fifth commandment? (‘Honor thy father and thy mother…’)
  • A mysterious fifth person?
  • The fifth sense? (smell)
  • The fifth dimension? (allegedly taken from my blogging mate’s post  Graham’s number)

Let me put you on the right track. The preliminary cover page is:

…and may give you a hint on the subject. Continue reading →


Say what…?

The word ˈɪnflu.ənsə(ɹ) phonetically spells the word ‘Influencer’, but what does it really mean? Here are the official meanings according to Wictionary:

  1. A person who or a thing which influences
  2. A person who is able to influence consumption, lifestyle and/or political preferences of their online audience by creating and/or engaging social media content, often as a part of a marketing campaign

In my experience, a third category ought to be added. But, for the time being, let’s stick to these two categories as these seem quite straightforward. We’ll tackle my proposal for a third category later. Continue reading →

Unexpected turns of events – Short stories

Eef, our resident columnist and contributor of mainly scientific content to this blog, decided it was time to write and publish some short stories collected from his memory under the sub-title ‘Unexpected turns of events‘. It is my pleasure to publish them on this site and bring them to your attention. Eef wrote three stories to date, I have no doubt that more will follow shortly. Continue reading →

AI? For an audiobook? Are you mad?

Well, that remains to be seen. The question is if I can publish an audiobook using AI?

Good question, I’ve written a few books, and published them both in paperback and ebook format, but never given the idea of publishing them as audiobooks much thought. While I’ve always been an avid reader of printed books and more recently also of ebooks, audiobooks never really became my thing. I tried one of them once a long time ago but never managed to finish it. Mind you, that was in the age when CD’s had just become fashionable. Continue reading →

Police brutality – Unique to the USA?

It has been impossible to ignore the cases of severe police brutality from departments all over the USA. Any reasonable person would wonder, after reading about this for the second, third, or even fourth time in the same year, why US police departments do not learn from previous examples. After all, how hard can it be? Continue reading →


After a recent contribution by fellow columnist Eef, suddenly a lot of articles in the Dutch and Swedish press about this AI were published – did they read Eef’s column? As usual with the presentation of any new AI, the articles vary from handy tools for the curious, via a new don’t-have-to-do-any-more-homework trick for students, to the latest threat for AI to take over our jobs and ultimately the world.

Finally, I got curious and decided I had to try the thang for myself. Continue reading →

Mathematical issues

Some remarkable mathematical issues

Although the Dutch newspapers Volkskrant and NRC can be blamed for being too political (D66) biased to be independent as journals ought to be, it must be said that both have excellent science sections.
On an irregular base even topics of mathematical nature have been published.

Of course for a layman’s audience, mathematics lacks the ability of other science disciplines of being easily visualized.
So the topics in these sections were about trivial stuff like the latest calculated decimals of π or some large regions on the number line without any prime number called prime deserts, a newly found Mersenne number, etc.
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‘Referendum’ in Ukraine

As no one can possibly have missed, russia is in the process of organizing a referendum. The fact that they organized it in another country makes it more unique. The fact that the subject is whether the folks voting in the referendum want to join the russian federation makes it even more unique. Note that my use of the word ‘unique’ is not to be interpreted in a positive manner. Continue reading →

Det Svenska valet – 2

Med några dagar sedan valet återkommer jag till mina tidigare kritiker på det Svenska valsystemet. Jag konstaterade tidigare följande briser:

  • Vid ingången, dock utanför, står folk från lokala partier för att uppmana rösta på deras parti
  • I ingången där man tar de små papperslappar finns en vakt som ser till att allt går rätt till där
  • Kuverten man använder att lämna in lapparna har mellan 1 och 2 cm stora håll. Valkommittén ser vad det är du röstar på
  • Man får inte själv stoppa sitt kuvert i valurnen, det ska en i valkommittén göra

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Educate russian tourists?

Since the unprovoked invasion of and war from russia* against Ukraine, relations between the EU and russian federation have been at a historic low, at least since the cold war ended about thirty years ago. Many rich russian folks, certainly those aiding and supporting the putin** regime, have found travel restrictions to the EU and US. Continue reading →

Echte taxi versus Uber

Toen we een antal jaren in Zweden woonden moest ik m’n rijbewijs laten verlengen. Ik had reeds eerder een Zweeds rijbewijs gekregen, maar dit moest, net als in Nederland, op een gegeven moment verlengd worden. Aangezien ik in Nederland alle rijbewijzen behaald had, A, B, BE, C, CE, D en DE, waren deze categoriën ook aanwezig op mijn Zweedse rijbewijs. Bij de papierwinkel voor de verlenging ervan moest ik invullen welke categoriën ik wilde behouden. Allemaal was natuurlijk mijn antwoord. Continue reading →