Arty, conversation with a child

Recently Arty aka ChatGPT had an encounter with an 8-year old boy named Arjan.
Actually it was me who faked to be this child.
I would find out how the AI would respond to the childish questions and the many language
errors typed by Arjan.
The conversation was in Dutch and Arty had no trouble at all to understand the boy; he
immediately adjusted his conversational tone into the way adults talk with young children.
Here and there his answers became somewhat technical but after Arjan wrote that Arty used
difficult words and that he not could read that fast, the AI came back with a simpler rephrase of
his answer and his text appeared much slower on the screen.
I say it again: impressive!
In a next session I reminded ChatGPT of this talk by giving him the report of the conversation.
Then I asked him to translate the text into English, while preserving the language errors of the
The translation was delivered in an instant as I became used to, but Arjan’s errors were all gone,
none left.
I told Arty about my disappointment, whereupon he apologized and delivered a new translation,
now with errors in the boys part.
It is striking that the AI did not try to translate the genuine errors but he made his own.
In a randomly fashion that has nothing to do with the boy’s clumsy language. Arty just made his
own clumsy errors.
Nevertheless it is a remarkable achievement of a software program that never ceases to
astonish us humans.
Here is the English version of the chat as translated by ChatGPT.

You did great Arty.
However, Arjan’s many grammar error are not preserved in English
My apologies for that. Here is the translated conversation again, but this time with Arjan’s
grammar errors reflected in English:
i may from my grandpa eve behind the leptop to talk to you. my name is Arjan and i am 8 years old.
Hello Arjan!
Fun to talk to you. How goes it with you today? Have you done anything fun today?

i have some queshtuns
Of course, I’m ready to answer your questions. What do you want to know?

I hef my queshtuns on a little nott and my grandpa types them in. 1 what are the most funnest
things to do in Disneyland?
There are lots of fun things to do in Disneyland! Here are some of the most popular attractions
and activities:

  • Rides: Disneyland has lots of exciting rides, like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder
    Mountain Railroad, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds.
  • Characters: Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy can be found in the
    park and are open for photos and autographs.
  • Parades: Disney parades are colorful and exciting shows that will entertain the whole family.
  • Shows: Disneyland offers lots of live entertainment, like fireworks shows and theater
  • Food: Disneyland has lots of delicious dining options, from snacks to full meals.

There is something for everyone in Disneyland, and it’s hard to choose just a few favorite things
because it’s such a magical place!

you use a lot of difficult words and i can’t read very fast
Sorry about that, I’ll try to make it simpler. Disneyland is a place where you can do lots of fun
things, like exciting rides, meeting Disney characters, colorful parades, live entertainment, and
delicious food. It’s a place where everyone can have fun and there’s something for everyone.

haf you ever been der?
As a computer program, I’m not able to physically go anywhere, so I’ve never been to
Disneyland. But I do know a lot about Disneyland because I’m programmed to have knowledge
about a wide range of topics.

how can it be that you can talk. You are a computer, right?
That’s right, I’m a computer program designed to be able to communicate with people through
text. I’m programmed to understand natural language and be able to respond to questions and
comments. This is made possible by the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

wat a difficult words
Sorry about that, I’ll try to explain it more simply. Artificial intelligence is a technology that helps
computers perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as
understanding natural language and making decisions based on data. Machine learning is a
form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn from data and recognize patterns,
so that they can make better decisions in the future.

that was it. until next time.
Until next time, Arjan! If you have any more questions, you know where to find me. Have fun
with the rest of your day!
Very good Arty. You never disappoint me. Thank you for your time and see you soon.
You’re welcome! It was my pleasure to assist you. Feel free to reach out anytime. Have a great