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Riksdagsval – En jämförelse

För några dagar sedan var det val i Nederländerna. Jag tänker dock inte ta upp resultatet av valet. Däremot är det ett bra tillfälle att jämföra den Nederländska valprocessen med den Svenska.

Den Svenska valprocessen har jag skrivit om vid två tidigare tillfällen; en gång innan ett tidigare val här, och sedan några dagar efter samma val här. Slutsatsen var då att jag inte är särskild imponerad av valmetoden som tillämpas i det Svenska valet. Continue reading →

Writing and hobbies

One of the many perks of writing is that you get to incorporate things you fancy in your stories. After all, as a writer, you own the story! I regularly make use of that perk. Readers who know me will recognize these details, while others take them for regular book content.

One of the things that always has had my interest, apart from reading, are cars, motorcycles, and sailing. So I eagerly jump to every opportunity to put in my favorite cars or incorporate cars or sailing in my stories.

When I was working on my first book Nuremberg in 2021, I could not resist using a 2CV as a means of transport in the center of Amsterdam in the 80ies. Even if the make and model are never mentioned in my book, when reading the attached text snippets you’ll probably agree the car cannot be anything other than a 2CV. Continue reading →

P vs NP – A promise fulfilled

P versus NP – An early encounter

My first programming experience was in the early 80’s. I had bought myself a Texas instruments 58-c programmable calculator, and I was curious what could be done with such a device. That turned out to be very modest.
The calculator was capable of 480 program steps but held then zero memories for data storage. Each memory used for data consumed 8 program steps, so with the storage of e.g. 10 integers, the programming space was diminished with 80 steps.
The 58-c’s memory was retained even after switching off the calculator, but before creating another program, memory first had to be erased. Continue reading →