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Cultural dilemma – Country vs Religion

One would think it would be easy to describe or define a country. But its definition in Wikipedia leaves room for interpretation that attempts to describe it as ‘…a distinct part of the world, such as a state, nation, or other political entity…’. Notably, the definition of a country does not include ‘a group of people with a certain religion‘ or even ‘a group of people‘. On the other hand, the Wikipedia article does mention religion in any way but for the use of religious symbols, eg. in flags. Continue reading →

Podcast “De verdwenen SS’er”

Toen ik in 2020 begon te schrijven aan wat een jaar later als mijn eerste boek ‘Nuremberg’ gepubliceerd zou worden, leek de hoeveelheid informatie en publiciteit over SS’ers die hun straf ontliepen summier. Hoe verging het hen, waar ontspoorde de juridiek?

Groot was dan ook mijn verbazing toen ik een week geleden bij toeval tegen een krantenartikel over een recent verschenen podcast aanliep. Het artikel noemde de titel van de podcast, ‘De verdwenen SS’er’. De krant in kwestie was het Dagblad Kennemerland. Continue reading →

The Nord Stream blowout


As was reported yesterday on international news, and perhaps even more in detail out here in Scandinavia, there seems to be some serious trouble with both Nord Stream pipelines since yesterday. Both seem to be showing all the signs of massive leaking. While Nord Stream 2 was not yet deployed, even that has been blowing bubbles since yesterday. Continue reading →

‘Referendum’ in Ukraine

As no one can possibly have missed, russia is in the process of organizing a referendum. The fact that they organized it in another country makes it more unique. The fact that the subject is whether the folks voting in the referendum want to join the russian federation makes it even more unique. Note that my use of the word ‘unique’ is not to be interpreted in a positive manner. Continue reading →

Sovjet V2.0

Impossible to ignore today (feb 2022) is the invasion of russian troops into the sovereign state of Ukraine. Note the intentional spelling of russia without a capital first letter, as of now russia does not deserve that capital letter. ‘Troops’ in this sentence are regular army, navy, and airforce. Continue reading →