US healthcare

What’s all that about you’ll wonder? Hear me out and I’ll try to explain.

The former, real, president of the US had a list of things he’d like to accomplish during his presidency. Obviously, every president has that but this one had put universal healthcare on his list. The item on his list would be known as Obamacare. A lot of effort and money was put into it and a lot of US citizens for the first time had access to healthcare worth its name and affordable.

The designed system was not without its faults or perfect in any way, but it was a very good step to go from no affordable healthcare to some form of affordable healthcare. When implemented you can start working on the bugs and improve it. Obviously, these last steps were never taken as a new prez came along, one with abolishment of Obamacare on his list. So the systems sits there unfinished, required budgets cut by the new administration and waiting for the last blow that will end the program and send millions of US citizens back to no affordable healthcare. Unless there will be a radical change, again, that’s where Obamacare will go, out the window.

Now how can anyone oppose affordable healthcare you may wonder.

Living in a part of the world where the above is a no brainer, where healthcare is either free of charge or affordable, it is hard to understand any reasoning against regulation of healthcare to make it affordable or free. So the reasoning to reverse the steps made to enable Obamacare are beyond my understanding. With personal experience of highly qualified free healthcare, I cannot imagine how it would be without it.

That’s perhaps where the problem lies, paying tax. The downside of affordable healthcare: I pay tax…a lot of it.

But, then again, in my part of the world one usually can make a living with only one job. While in the US it is not unusual for e.g. a teacher to have one or even two extra jobs in order to be able to make ends meet. Note that this is not to make an extra buck but solely to make ends meet! In a part of the world that takes pride in being the leaders of the world and its prez named as the most powerful man on earth!

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