Paperback time!

Since literally minutes ago, you can even read my new book old style on paper! Not only digital, modernistic and ebookish, but now also as a paperback printed book in a small handy format, and ready to be printed on your demand.

You can find all my books here. Of course, you can still buy the ebook variety.

According to people of learning, the world is divided into largely two sorts of people: Those that prefer an ebook and those that prefer a paper book. Much can be said for either variety. An ebook can be very handy when you do a fair bit of traveling or when your fav housing type happens to be a tiny house not offering space for meters and meters of bookcases. Paper books can be handy if you’re not too digitally adapted, or prefer a book you can just drop or throw, something not to be recommended with the digital variety.

Whatever your preference, you’ll find the paperback and the ebook on the same page, hand in hand so to speak. Happy reading!


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