My new book, The Deep, is out!

Since today, my new book ‘The Deep – An ecological thriller’ is out in the paperback format. The chosen sales channel is once again, An Ebook may follow shortly.

Here’s the cover:

What’s it about? you may ask. Well, here’s a summary:

In short:

A retired Army man constructs a destructive device to test an idea and prove a point. When his device gets stolen, he suspects kids and thinks nothing of it. However, the deployment of his device by others eventually brings peaceful Sweden close to war.

Long description:

Retired Army engineer Lars constructs a destructive device to test an idea and prove a point. The test is successful, and the project is archived while he starts working on his next project. When his device and all of its designs get stolen, he suspects local kids and thinks nothing of it.

Emily from Germany and Swedish Niels are a well-educated environmental activist couple. They have recently returned from a project on saving ocean mammals on the other side of the globe. Together, they have the skill set required to assist in helping to enforce the stipulations of the Paris Agreement. Their assumed to be untouchable opponents are the Russian state and its multi-billion dollar gas industry. They devise a serious threat, execute it exceptionally well, and play their cards to perfection. In the process, they virtually bring the largest European supplier of natural gas to its knees. Eventually, the deployment of their threat brings peaceful Sweden close to war.

This international plot develops in arctic Sweden, Stockholm, the island of Gotland, St Petersburg, and Brussels.



Mid-writing the manuscript, russia invaded Ukraine and brought war back to Europe. It was unwarranted, unneeded and vicious. Since then, the russian troops have behaved beyond badly towards the Ukrainian people and committed countless war-crimes. They have disrupted the country and it people and destroyed its infrastructure and the homes of the Ukranians. As merely a side effect world economy found itself severely disrupted within months, introducing extreme inflation rates. Another side effect would be the abandonment of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction, and – better news – the temporary closing of Nord Stream 1. With this, russia has shot itself in the foot as Europe quickly is adapting to life without russian gas, leaving the pipelines useless and russia devoid of its enormous profits. With any luck, the pipelines will never again be used and with that its gas will never be burnt in Europe.